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Live in Mexico - Can I Retire in El Golfo Mexico? can retire anywhere in Mexico and live in luxury. El Golfo de Santa Clara, Mexico might be an option among other Mexican retirement choices for Americans.

Are you close to retirement age or just wish you were? Have you been thinking of retirement for a few years? Do you think you just can't afford to retire? These are all questions the baby-boomer age group are asking themselves and others. Where can I go to retire? Can I Retire in Mexico?

Researching everything you want to know about Mexico and learning about retirement in Mexico is so easy now that the computers and the internet is available to just about everyone. Did you find this page with a search about Vacationing in Mexico or Retirement in Mexico? See??? It is easy... oh and it can be frustrating also.

So much information is available and not always in one place. So you spend hours and days online printing and compiling information about how to retire in Mexico, into stacks and binders. Then you cross refrence and check all the information to find the tidbits that reference to your particular situation or circumstances.

Think about it??? How do you search out all the information about living internationally? Does the information come from tourist sites trying to lure you to purchase a time share? Did you find useful information from a Mexican site or an American site? Which would serve to answer your questions logically?

Wouldn't the best information come from someone who has been in your shoes and now lives the life you dream of?

I found out about this gal that has written a book for us! Her name is Barbie Parks and she is amazing. Her and her hubby Dick have done all the investigative work for us. She keeps this book updated fairly regularly so the information is current. And best of all...she has a newsletter and it's full of current information that we will all need to retire in Mexico.

Even if you only plan an extended visit or become a winter resident this guide will be of so helpful. She covers among other topics
  • Social Security Concerns
  • International Drivers License
  • Health Care
  • Tourist Card
  • Non-Immigrant Visa requirements
  • Passports
  • Automobile Fuel
  • What About the Water?
  • Perscription Drugs
  • Real Estate
Can you believe that she does all this work about retirement? Isn't she retired? Well yes she and her husband are retired, but keep so busy with all kinds of projects...the Retire in Luxury book and newsletter being just one of them.

Check out her site now and see if this information isn't just what you are looking for.

Retire in Mexico Book - Click Here

It's a download eBook which means you get it right now. In less than 5 minutes you can have all the information you need to get started on your Mexican retirement research. You will always need to finish up the investigation with your personal requirements, but this guide is an amazing wealth of information all in one place.

Can you retire in El Golfo de Santa Clara, Mexico or retire anywhere in Mexico? Maybe. Just think of the choices and opportunities that await you in this land of beauty and sunshine. NO SNOW!

Information about El Golfo Mexico

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