Monday, January 15, 2007

Las Vegas Smog | Gloomy Yellow Day in Vegas

December in Las Vegas... some snow and some smog.

Driving into North Las Vagas and on to Downtown Las Vegas is a bit scary when this is the first view seen. We had seen snow in Las Vegas the week before and the mountains had a good coating...but this was the view driving back into Las Vegas from the northern mountains on December 26, 2006.

A yellow haze coated the valley and all we could see clearly was the Winn and the Stratosphere Hotels. It looked like a yellow sulphur haze but without the smell.

Traffic was light that day, and we didn't see any heavy costruction along the way. The cold was keeping this Las Vegas smog down at sea level.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Planning a Vacation | Budget Tool and Guide

Planning a vacation can be fun and also it can be a pain. When I am planning a vacation I love to research the places I will visit. I want to make sure we see everything that is important to that area. Maybe it's a historical area or some local market that should be at the top of the planning a vacation list. This journey through the internet and travel guides is one of the best parts of planning a vacation and gives me an image of the locations to dream about.

But... I am starting to really dislike all the data bases for deals on airfares and hotel rooms. I am usually confused by the package deals and the layover/airline choices. All the travel choices are overwhelming and then I never know if I really got a good deal. It just makes travel planning a real pain in the neck.

TravelThen I found James Steubing’s book ! This "tell all" guide shows you, in detail, how to get travel deals at a discount. You can learn to save on hotel, airfare and cruise prices. Now you can have a great vacation without needing to take a vacation from travel planning.

Just one of the many secrets revealed in the book is a Power Search Tool. This is so cool! Use it to power search across all the major sites like Orbitz, Cheap Tickets, Expedia, Priceline, Hotwire and Travelocity. With this tool you can compare travel sites and save! Here is just one example of the secrets reveled - Airfare consolidators.

Airfare consolidators are one of the best kept secrets in the travel industry. They can save you hundreds, if not thousands on International flights So, what is a consolidator anyway? Consolidators are companies who purchase flights in bulk directly from the airlines and then resell them to travel agents and the public with a slight markup. These consolidated fares can be as much as 50%, 60% or 70% cheaper than a regular fare. This guide tells you how to find these low fares and what to be careful of.

The TraveL Secrets Guide for Travel Planning is delivered to you through a secure website. You can log into the site anytime and receive the most up to date information for LIFE. No need to request or download updates ever.

TIP: If you are afraid you won't like the book and tools...It has a risk free guarantee. If in 30 don't just love all the information and find money saving tips, you can ask for a refund.

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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

El Golfo de Santa Clara Mexico Beachcombing

El Golfo Tour Guide

Beachcombing in El Golfo Mexico... and alternative to rock hounding!

We drove to the Punta Banda estuary, Baja California, Mexico which is about a 30 minute run down the beach from our camping area. We had intended to arrive at low tide so we could do some claming in the tide pools, but we were about 2 hours late. It was a beautiful clear sunny day, and the area is amazing to walk through or take out a chair and just watch the wildlife.

The "end of the beach at high tide". The "second light house" is on the other side. If you get here at low tide...make sure you are quick at the light house, the tide comes in quick and it's a 6 hour detour if you can't make it across. We did see a few rusted car bodies to prove the point.

Perfect clear waves uncovered treasures at every lap. We spent many years traveling to the beaches of California and never found water this clear, and we were the only ones on the beach for miles. The sounds of waves, pelicans and sea gulls were our background music.

The end of the beach is marked with several monuments. Interesting, but all in we don't know who the memeorial is for. I guess we should ask next time we are at the local watering

We passed a coyote, dolphins playing near the shore, and tons of fishing equipment left to float ashore from the local fishermen and their pongas.

This amazing drive and beachcombing jaunt only took a few hours. We were back to camp in time for naps and cocktails before sundown.

El Golfo Tour Guide

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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Bathrooms in El Golfo Mexico | Moving the Outhouse

El Golfo Tour Guide

Our latest trip to El Golfo Mexico and the project this trip is to move the outhouse to a new View location. Spending New Years at the Mexico beach with friends and family is a great alternative to parties and driving the streets after drinking!

Warm breezy days, cool evenings by the fire, and mixed punch drinks called "Gilligans Island" to keep us warm just before bed. We made soup and listened to the "ball drop at Times Square" on the satellite radio.

We always have a project at the "place" in El Golfo Santa Clara Mexico... this year it was the OUTHOUSE. A new Christmas gift was bestowed on this room by way of a new "seat", reading material and air freshener. That is all it took to get the ball rolling. The group had been talking about relocating the "throne" to a new view lot and giving it a "Dutch door" for entertainment.

Checking out the structure before moving...required much talk and consideration. ( this was done in our "jammies")

Measuring for the new block base. This outhouse will be elevated on a block base, this will create a "cleanout" for those that are involved in that excluded.

Some measurements are best left to the professionals!

How far up the hill will be the best view spot for those in the "Go Spot"!

Some things just have to be decided by an expert.

The block base is set and the outhouse is moved. This must be the spot!

Double Dutch Door : The Outhouse at Sunset!

El Golfo Beach View from the Throne at Sunset!

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