Wednesday, January 10, 2007

El Golfo de Santa Clara Mexico Beachcombing

El Golfo Tour Guide

Beachcombing in El Golfo Mexico... and alternative to rock hounding!

We drove to the Punta Banda estuary, Baja California, Mexico which is about a 30 minute run down the beach from our camping area. We had intended to arrive at low tide so we could do some claming in the tide pools, but we were about 2 hours late. It was a beautiful clear sunny day, and the area is amazing to walk through or take out a chair and just watch the wildlife.

The "end of the beach at high tide". The "second light house" is on the other side. If you get here at low tide...make sure you are quick at the light house, the tide comes in quick and it's a 6 hour detour if you can't make it across. We did see a few rusted car bodies to prove the point.

Perfect clear waves uncovered treasures at every lap. We spent many years traveling to the beaches of California and never found water this clear, and we were the only ones on the beach for miles. The sounds of waves, pelicans and sea gulls were our background music.

The end of the beach is marked with several monuments. Interesting, but all in we don't know who the memeorial is for. I guess we should ask next time we are at the local watering

We passed a coyote, dolphins playing near the shore, and tons of fishing equipment left to float ashore from the local fishermen and their pongas.

This amazing drive and beachcombing jaunt only took a few hours. We were back to camp in time for naps and cocktails before sundown.

El Golfo Tour Guide

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