Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Bathrooms in El Golfo Mexico | Moving the Outhouse

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Our latest trip to El Golfo Mexico and the project this trip is to move the outhouse to a new View location. Spending New Years at the Mexico beach with friends and family is a great alternative to parties and driving the streets after drinking!

Warm breezy days, cool evenings by the fire, and mixed punch drinks called "Gilligans Island" to keep us warm just before bed. We made soup and listened to the "ball drop at Times Square" on the satellite radio.

We always have a project at the "place" in El Golfo Santa Clara Mexico... this year it was the OUTHOUSE. A new Christmas gift was bestowed on this room by way of a new "seat", reading material and air freshener. That is all it took to get the ball rolling. The group had been talking about relocating the "throne" to a new view lot and giving it a "Dutch door" for entertainment.

Checking out the structure before moving...required much talk and consideration. ( this was done in our "jammies")

Measuring for the new block base. This outhouse will be elevated on a block base, this will create a "cleanout" for those that are involved in that duty...author excluded.

Some measurements are best left to the professionals!

How far up the hill will be the best view spot for those in the "Go Spot"!

Some things just have to be decided by an expert.

The block base is set and the outhouse is moved. This must be the spot!

Double Dutch Door : The Outhouse at Sunset!

El Golfo Beach View from the Throne at Sunset!

El Golfo Tour Guide

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SP said...

I have used this very THRONE! Sorry I was not there for the relocation. I was there when it was relocated last time. The view was outstanding before, it looks spectacular now! I can't wait to go back and have drinks around the fire overlooking the ocean and finally make the light house! The trip is only complete because of the host and hostess whom I consider family!