Monday, November 26, 2007

Algadones Mexico Border Crossing | The Wait Is Often Long

Crossing back into the U.S. through the Algadones Mexico border is often torturous.

Walking back through the Algadones border gate can often last over an hour. Several years ago... Mexico took pity on the Gringos and put in a shaded walk way with nice benches. As you do the sit and stand routine, many vendors will pass buy... hoping to catch you in a generous mood and add some of their wares to your last minute shopping.

Planning to stay longer than a few hours in Mexico? We do the Sunday afternoon crossing in our truck about eight times a year. Our travels to El Golfo de Santa Clara are usually over a long holiday weekend which leaves us little choice but to cross at the worst time of the week.

We have made the pilgrimage to the border as early in the day as possible (which generally means we hit the crossing line about 1 p.m.) This usually works out okay in the early fall and late spring months.
But... November through March are brutal for crossing.

We crossed after a long Thanksgiving weekend on Sunday. The wait time??? About 3 Hours!

Positives: Bathrooms are available at a few places for a fee. Shopping is always easy from your car window as the vendors are walking up and down the line... for miles.

I often hop out and cruise up to the main drag... to get supplies. This can include liquor, medicine and if you smoke... very good prices on cigarettes. We try to make the best of a bad situation.

Of course... I carry my trusty mp3 player to keep me entertained. Their is usually a large group of us in several vehicles, so 3 way radios became a must.

The heartbreak of this long, dusty... boring traffic jam? You can touch the U.S. border just a bit outside the car window. :(