Saturday, October 07, 2006

Crossing the Border Into Mexico - What Do I Need to Know?

Do you want informating before you start crossing the border into Mexico? Are you checking out the options before you choose a retirement location? When you travel to Mexico do you feel like you being ripped off? I found a new book that is just for you.

Current and easy to read information published in 2006. If your driving or flying into Mexico anytime soon you should have an updated compilation of important points you must know. This guide has well over 50 things and tips you should be aware of before you step one toe over the border.

So many of us cross the border to vacation in Mexico and we all need to know about the cultural differences that we will encounter. The authors of this book are giving you the benefit of all their experience so that you will enjoy your time in Mexico and avoid cultural battles and emotional turmoil. I know you want your memorable experiences of Mexico to be positive.

The contents of the book are divided into sections:
  • Financial Issues
    • How to exchange money for pesos and get the best rates
    • Beware of "Casas de Cambio"
    • Don't wait in line for to exchange money
    • How to get travel cash before you leave home?
    • What you need to know about Credit/Debit Cards in Mexico
    • Can you use Checks and Travlers Checks in Mexico?
    • many more tips
  • Communications Issues
    • How to make International long distance phone calls for free
    • How to use Mexican pay phones
    • What you should know about cell phone service in Mexico
    • How to dial phones in Mexico
    • Internet service in Mexico
    • many more tips
  • Personal Safety/Protection Issues
    • Petty theft and fraud
    • Avoid being a victim
    • Dealing with police and authorities
    • Travel insurance
    • Vehicle insurance
    • Property insurance
    • Mexican medical system
    • many more tips
  • Cultural Differences and Issues
    • Understanding meanings of words and gestures
    • Recommendations regarding cultural issues
    • What to expect in typical situations
    • Take time to learn the language
    • many more tips
  • Legal Issues
    • How to get into and out of the country
    • Mexican laws
    • Recommendations regarding legal issues
    • many more tips
Each section has information, author commentary and a list of recommendations.

The recommendations for each section include things you should do before you start your travel and refrecnces you should have on hand during your Mexico visit. Much of the information is found through lists of clickable links for the resources, so you will need to keep a copy of this book on your computer.

This handy eBook is downloaded right away. Print out a copy and get started with your research now. Many of the resource links are only available to subscribers of their web site.

Updated information and new resources are posted often according to the author.

Click here to check out the authors web site for tons of information you should know before you Travel Mexico.

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