Saturday, October 14, 2006

Travel in Luxury - Guide for Cheapskate Travelers

"Attention all Cheapskates... You Have Found Your Luxury Travel Guide!"

If you think you know everything about getting the best luxury traveler deals...think again. Until you read this book you won't know the half of it. This is a must have guide for all travel buffs.

Here are a few tips from this guide for Passport to Luxury:

  • Upgrade opportunities"If you are wait-listed for an upgrade to first class (with or without an upgrade certificate) or for a seat on a flight using a free ticked, keep calling the airlines prior to the date of departure to check on your status. If you are still wait-listed on your departure date, enlist the aid of ticket agents, gate agents, and first-class lounge agents."
  • Airline Programs"When signing up for any credit card with a mileage program, be aware that the rewards structure and value of the points or miles you accumulate is subject to change at any time, at the sole discretion of the financial institution, and sometimes without even prior notice. It all depends on what's written in the fine print of your cardmember agreement, so be sure to read it and any updates or changes to it that arrive in the mail."
  • "Bona Fide Deals : Senior Discounts - Senior citizen airline discounts or books of discount airline coupons that can be bought at discounted rates. These rates and discounts are offered by most of the major air carriers."
See what I mean... this book is full of information like this...

  • Who to talk to get upgrades and preferential service and who to talk to when you don't get what you want.
  • Which credit cards are right for your travel situation.
  • What defines good and exceptional service and how do you know if your getting bad service. Who do you talk to about it.
  • Hotel discount, Hotel loyalty and Hotel credit cards...which is best for you.
This guide just goes on and on... lots of stuff packed into 300+ pages.

This is the second edition but it was published in 2004. I think the information is right on and will be useful for many years.

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