Sunday, October 15, 2006

Creative Zen MicroPhoto 8 Gig Mp3 Player

Travel with Books and Photos Plus All Your Favorite Music.

Maybe you know someone who is longing for a new mp3 player and you want to add one to your Christmas gift shopping list this year and you don't know which one to purchase. Your on a tight budget and you really don't want to break the budget...but you want to buy a great mp3 player and still get a best buy. don't want to buy an Ipod for whatever reason, ( I am going to list a few)

What the experts say about the Creative Zen 8GB Mp3 Player
  • This Player uses "Plays for Sure" Technology ( must have for download books)I listen Audible books as I drive, exercise and work around the house. I like the book variety to listen to wherever I go. Liz Walters

  • 1.5" screen for viewing photos in Color! and all the menu's are visible.

  • Weighs under 4 oz. You can carry a boatload of books, music and pictures in this little guy.

  • It holds up to 10,000 jpeg images or 4,000 songs OR a combination of Both!

  • Plays WMA, Mp3, WAV files and others...but these are the most important.

  • A built in Radio FM radio ( you don't get that with Ipod)

  • A built in Micro-recorder (you don't get that with and Ipod)

  • Works with Microsoft Outlook so you can organize contacts or appointments. (defiantly not available on an Ipod)

  • It has an timer so you can automate shut off times.... (If you go to sleep with your mp3 player, this will save the battery life)

  • An alarm... you can wake up to your mp3 player.

  • The manufacturer says it will play up to 15 hours. ( I found it to be more like 5 or 6 before I had to recharge.

  • It glows like a neon blue light while in use ( not a big feature...but very cool at night)
Why I bought the Creative Zen 8GB Mp3 Player
  • I record seminars and teleseminars...Now I can listen to them over and over.
  • I love audio books while I travel. So soothing on the beach with your eyes closed and a nice mystery novel in one ear and the waves in the other.
  • I need a portable photo album. One I always had with me for clients. I carry my Creative Zen with me everywhere. (Oh... and it works for taking photos to grandma's house.. You can download the whole bunch to her computer.)
  • Music my way... any time. And, no more fights about stations in the car. Everyone wins.
  • I have a ton of accessories to go with my Creative Zen Mp3 player... they are easy to find and usually less expensive that the Ipod Accessories.
  • I do audio recordings of my older relatives ( oh yes, the kids also get recorded) and save them to CD. I can pop them in a sleeve and add them to my scrapbooks for future generations to hear.

  • I could go on and on describing all the things I do with my Creative Zen 8GB Mp3 Player

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