Thursday, October 12, 2006

Las Vegas Insiders Guide - Book Review

The Las Vegas Insiders Guide is written by locals and real insiders who offer personal, practical information as well as in-depth lowdown on Vegas. You know about all the fountains on the strip and where to see the statues and the pirates. But do you know where....

* The best food is found?
* To find great shopping...both high end and bargain basement?
* Where to find attractions off the strip?
* What to do with the kids?

Oh yeah...another travel guide for the Las Vegas strip . I know...what a bore!
Wait..I think this one is a good guide to have on hand.

We travel to Las Vegas 2 or 3 and sometimes 4 times a year and want to see or do something new every time we go. You know... we all have our favorites, but it's gets boring if you have a
routine and never try anything different.

Learn to navigate an area full of diverse opportunities full of fun and adventure. Find the scarlet red rock formations in the Valley of Fire and visit the cool depths of the Hoover Dam.

Listings in this great guide also include:

* Day trips and weekend adventures... all from the strip
* Where to Golf with the big boys and on a budget
* Parks and Recreation
* Arts and Culture
* Nightlife
* Nightclubs
* Lodging
* Gaming Guide

This Guide is also designed to be extreameley useful for those Relocating to Las Vegas. You will find tips and useful places and people to contact. Also information on:

* Places of worship
* Retirement information
* Health care information
* School information
* Relocation help

Weather you're planning a vacation, or looking to relocate... The Insiders' Guide to Las Vegas will help you with everything you need to know.

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