Saturday, October 07, 2006

Podcast - Drive to Grand Canyon

This Podcast website is actually full of travel podcasts to places around the world. He covers subjects such as
  • when to travel
  • why travel
  • how to travel (planning, learning languages, how much to pay)
  • who they have met along the way
  • traveling with children
  • a forum is available to answer you questions
I will be reviewing specific podcasts that relate to Southwest Travel and Mexico Travel.

The Drive to Grand Canyon Podcast is over 45 minutes of travel tips and driving information for travel to the North and South Rim Grand Canyon from San Jose via Las Vegas.

Once you get to the web site scroll down about half way until you see a title labeled [Songs]...just under that label you will find the download link for this podcast.

Information covered on podcast: (starts about 20 min. into podcast)
  • radio station availability
  • cell phone availability
  • internet connections
  • sites to see on the road
  • where to stay
  • camping by tent
  • weather
  • internet resourses

Information available from the site:

  • Maps
  • Gallery of photographs
  • Guides
  • Park Information
The Amateur Traveler Podcast is produced and audio by Chris Christensen. The voice is mellow and easy to listen to. You won't find roudy commercials or raw language. Just interesting stories and information about the trips he has taken.

Even if you aren't planning to travel to the Grand Canyon, a trip to his web site will lead to some interesting and entertaining informtion that will be useful to any travel you have planned.

Have a great time with Chris on the Amateur Traveler Web Site.
Amateur Traveler Web Site

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