Saturday, October 14, 2006

Southwest USA Travel Guide - Book Review

The Southwest USA Guide is pocketbook size but a huge amount of Southwest travel information is packed into the 480 + pages. Covering Utah, Arizona and New Mexico only... you're going to use this book until it is shred's while you're traveling the roads of America's Southwest.

If you like your guide books on point and
without a ton of fluff...this is the one for you.

  • Tips on all the areas skiing, hiking, mountain biking and rafting.
  • Where to find the best local food and drink
  • The best lodging ( You can book your stay in a wigwam!)
  • If you looking for strange and bizarre travel sites...all the info included.
  • Include some of Route 66 in your trip... What a kick! Don't miss doing a side trip on Route will regret it.
If you like lots of will be disappointed. This guide isn't about pictures. But...if you want to know where all the cool detours have come to the right place.

You won't believe this but I found 2 pages in this guide the best! They are itineraries or "tailored trips".
  • Old West - A listing of all the Old West tourist attractions in the Southwest. (included a few in Southwest Colorado) - The list is scant and the sites are great distances from each other...but if it's your first time to the area, you should check a few of them out.
  • Parks and Natural Attractions - Some great places are listed, again... not all my favorites are listed.
  • Southwest for Kids - Everything listed here is a great idea for kids...including River Rafting.
  • You just knew I would add the one about Route 66. Seriously... I recommend that you visit this stretch of road at least for a short span. I have friends who have taken the entire trip and had a blast. So many great little towns and the people are very cool.
You just can't go wrong with this little guide.. If you know someone who is taking a trip to the Southwest USA soon...stick this in their Christmas stocking.

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