Sunday, October 15, 2006

Canon Elura 100 Digital Camcorder - Best for Budget

Best Rated Digital Camcorder for Budget Consumer by Computer Shopper Magazine November 2006.

A new camcorder is on your Christmas gift shopping list this year and you don't know which one to purchase. Your on a tight budget and you really don't want to break the budget...but you want to buy a great camcorder and still get a best buy.

What the experts say about the Canon Elura 100:
  • 20x Zoom lens has a longer reach than some of the high priced camcorders.
  • Image Stabilization to help keep footage steady.
  • True wide-screen shooting to view on your wide screen monitor or tv.
  • 2.7 inch LCD
  • A wide variety of advanced - easy to use - functions
  • Good still image capability
  • Mode for capturing fast action footage
  • Auto Exposure for those tricky lighting conditions (Great Feature! - camera's usually capture birthday cake candles lit and no other lighting - so you get footage of candles and not faces)
  • Bridging so you can email or post your footage online.
Why I bought the Canon Elura 100:

  • This camera is small and easy to load up and go.
  • Learning to use a camcorder can be scary...this one was easy to get started with.
  • Our business websites are adding video tutorials to the mix. We needed an inexpensive video camera to get started. We actually purchased a few and tried them. This was the best choice for us.
  • This camera has a microphone jack. You can't believe how had that is to find. The mic. jack allows you to plug in a microphone. The external microphone on this camera isn't fact it's pretty good, but for close up and teaching ability a plug in microphone (extra purchase) is the way to go
  • The tapes are cheap and you pop one in and never see it again. Just download all the video to your computer and you can save it to DVD. Then send all those precious memories captured on your new video camera to grandma. She can view them on her DVD player...How cool is that?
  • The ability to easily record family memories is a big bonus. I love to scrapbook and video doesn't lend itself to scrapbooking. Now I load up some video on a DVD ...add a pretty CD label and stick it in a protective sleeve. The birthday footage is now saved on the birthday scrapbook page. Oh...and another copy is stored with the DVD's and I sent one to mom.
Can't say enough good about the Canon Elura 100... for the price we are very happy with the quality and all the great functions.

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