Thursday, April 20, 2006

Best Book about El Golfo de Santa Clara Mexico

El Golfo Tour Guide's the only El Golfo Book I can find. ...And this El Golfo Guide has maps and driving instructions to get to El Golfo.

Its an E-book which means, you pay for it online and download it. ( it's only 10 bucks) Then print and before you can say... chili peppers, you got a great little tour guide to the area.

If you're a winter visitor or 'zonie visitor and you're going it alone, Get This Book!

This book has a huge amount of facts and information. The author keeps it fairly up to date. (last revision was August 2005). If your El Golfo information comes from your "buddy" or a "I heard this guy telling someone about..." then you probably have some misinformation.

Traveling in Mexico is just like any other foreign tourist destination. The biggest reasons for getting into trouble in another country are:
  • You're just silly if you don't follow the law.
  • And your very silly if you think you are above the law.
  • You don't practice common sense caution. (If your gut is telling you it may not be safe, gee... maybe it's not).
Anyway, back to the book. You will find this book to be fact filled and slightly defensive. The author has lived in this area for a very long time, and finds the treatment of "Mexicans" less than desirable. He has included a chapter covering the history of the area and also a chapter about the law and how it affects you, including advice on insurance, tourist cards and visas, permits and other required certificates.

If you are misinformed about the U. S. and Mexican customs you may find yourself in a world of trouble. Also he explains in great detail about mordita (little bits) or in English...the bribe.

If you need a map and need to know the best routes to get to El Golfo, comprehensive driving directions and many maps of the area are included.

All of the local hotels, motels and rv parks are listed as well as telephone numbers. Of course these are international calls, but the dialing instructions are included. The Colorado River Adventures R. V. Parks has a place in El Golfo. This book lists much more information than the web site. Very helpful.

Many tips are listed about driving in the sand. This is very important, as the area is mostly unpaved.

What to do in El Golfo? Clam Digging, Water Activities, Fishing and Touring to name a few. All listed with helpful information.

There is a Spanglish Tutorial - which will help you communicate with the locals. You don't need to become bi-lingual, as most of the locals want to talk to you. If you show some effort, they will reciprocate in kind. Besides, its fun to learn new stuff!

P.S. After you download the book, you will also receive an e-mail with a link to another report about Purchasing Property in the Mexican State of Sonora.

If you have every considered retiring to Mexico, get this book. It is a valuable tool and a real eye opener!

El Golfo Tour Guide It's less than 10 bucks!

The link will take you to a pink page. Look for the link on the left "Guide Book"

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