Thursday, April 20, 2006

Algadones Mexico - The Road Home

Every vacation must come to an end. This day wasn't so bad.

The weather was still holding and we were looking forward to the adventure home. The road back to the States was going to be a little different than the road down to El Golfo. We crossed into Mexico through San Luis and we were going to cross back through Algadones. The reasoning for this, according to our well traveled friends, the lines are shorter and the shopping is better.
We had never crossed the border in a car, so this also proved to be entertaining.

The 30 minute back to the town of El Golfo was beautiful and more to see than the drive down. The beach had filled with campers and RV's. The beginning of the week leading up to Easter had begun, and this area loads in over 45,000 visitors for the week. Time for us to leave.

We had a short stop at El Capitan, for a bite to eat. This would be our last shrimp taco stop, and I was not going to pass on the chance. When you have eaten huge fresh gulf shrimp, you wont be happy with Red Lobster shrimp again. So tasty and the price is outstanding.

The road out of town had changed. Both sides were now lined with vendors. We were expecting to see hats, jewelry and pots for sale. What we found were many stands that sold air.... for the tires! It's a family affair, with the kids and dad filling the tires and they will wash your windshield if needed.

The only other highly sought after item??? Showers.. Many families had built shower stalls and bathrooms in their yards and charged for a shower! All these enterprise's were making money on the spot. Some even had mom cooking on an outdoor grill, so you could get a bite to eat while waiting in line.
We drove the same road back to just outside San Luis. Then turned west and headed for the Algadones port of entry.

In Arizona, we don't have toll roads, so it was a surprise to find one so close to home. Mexico is full of them. We have learned that while traveling in Mexico, stick to the toll roads. Your car will thank you for this.

This store caught my eye because of the color. We didn't get to stop. :(
Getting close to home now. We crossed the "dry" Colorado River and headed north to the border.

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