Monday, April 17, 2006

El Golfo Mexico | Camping on the Beach

El Golfo Tour Guide

To get where the Mexico beach camping is good... You have to drive on the beach. I was aghast at the thought. I mean...Where is the road? It's true, the road between El Golfo and Rocky Point is still under construction. So to get away from town, you have to get dirty.

Not realizing the next 30 minutes would be like driving at the Sand Dunes... we didn't "air down" enough. Finally, getting to the correct tire pressure threshold, we were off.

I mean off to the races, hell bent for destinations unknown. When your beer (glass bottles no less) is packed with block ice... this drive has brought tears to a grown man's eye. Trust me...I saw them.

The beach is beautiful. White sand and clear blue water, and only a few campers for miles. Where will you find that in the States? And, it gets better - the camping is FREE!

Sitting on the beach... all day with your umbrella, a book and cool drinks. This is living! I did forgot the sunscreen so behind the truck would be some glowing pink legs.

The trick to driving on the sand is to stay off anything that looks wet. If the tide comes in before you make it down the beach to your camping destination, the locals will tell you to "just wait the tide out". Don't drive in the water, it takes a mighty big truck and large amounts of American Cash to get you unstuck.

We spied some interesting critters on our journey across the sand to the water. "Watch out"... for the jellyfish and the little green worms. No problem, if you leave them alone.

If your very lucky, you will be camping near the fishing cabins, and then you will know the meaning of
luxury. You gals know what I mean.
Banos is Spanglish for Bathroom

When you are in this area you will be joined by a few scrawny dogs. They belong to a local fisherman, Pedro, but when the Americans are nearby these guys get real friendly. I'm guessing they don't get table scraps like ours.
Good Doggie!

Beach sunsets are the best. We enjoyed them on the deck of this old fishing cabin with good friends and good drinks.

Next post will show Pedro, the fisherman, at his Beach Estate and the art he creates. Oh and I'll also try to get you home safe.

'till manana. (my Spanglish for ...maybe tomorrow.)

El Golfo Tour Guide

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