Tuesday, April 11, 2006

El Golfo Sonora Mexico is Spring Break Destination

El Golfo Mexico TravelEl Golfo, Sonora, Mexico - Travelers cossing at border in San Luis, Arizona

We Survived!!! The adventure of camping in El Golfo Mexico is a new one on me.

Resorts with cabana boys delivering drinks in coconuts was my close encounter with traveling in Mexico.

The adventure started at the border in San Luis, Arizona. I haven't been through this border town since I was a small child. We switched to Algadones border crossing about 30 years ago. After the border crossing (no problems as the guards were on break) we took a hard right at the first street and shot out of town.

San Luis Mexico RoadIt seems this is a secret that is well known by the 'zonies.(Arizona locals) After a short drive - maybe a mile, we turned left. Now... I can't give you instructions as their isn't a sign. The directions might be - "turn left at the road by the line of trees". This road takes you south, skirting the town of San Luis, then we drive down a dirt alley and we're off... charging down the hi-way again. Our leader was traveling at a good clip, so it's pretty much a blur.

Maybe an hour into the drive, we stop at the Pemex station. The idea wasn't to get fuel, but to fuel ourselves. This taco stand is reported to be the best on the road. I can tell you, the shrimp tacos were scrumptious!! Taco Stand MexicoTaco Stand GuyShrimp Taco
Shrimp Tacos!!!

One more hour on the road and after passing the Mexican Federal check point we landed in the town of El Golfo Sonora Mexico. This is a mean looking little town, where the pavement ends and your on your own. We turned at the El Capitan sign... I mean we have to eat!

El Capitan Mexico
Check out the book I found - Visit or Retire to El Golfo Mexico

More about El Capitan and the rest of our trip soon...

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