Tuesday, April 11, 2006

El Golfo - San Luis - Algadones Mexico Travel with THAT Painter Lady

Travel to El Golfo Sonora Mexico and the region with
Debra Conrad THAT Painter Lady.

Gosh... another day in paradise.
Yuma Arizona.

Can't get any better than sunny and breezy with the red stuff hitting 82 on the "thermo- meter".

We are in the best time of the year right now... The population in our area has decreased so we can shop with ease and drive with abandon. Not that we don't love our Winter Visitors, but when the tourists are gone... We get to PLAY!

THAT Painter Lady is me... the local muralist. If you are ever in the area, you may see some of my work on the walls.

Check out the RVUnplugged Travel Blog for my work at Tinawrites.com World Headquarters!

Hey and always remember...
Travel Broadens the Mind... and often the Waistline!

El Golfo Tour Guide

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