Monday, May 22, 2006

Vacation in Mexico via San Luis Sonora Mexico

So...Our friends invited us down to El Golfo again and so we are off on another adventure. You might be thinking.. ho hum.. another trip to El Golfo. Same song, second verse... but you would be a missing some great new trip information. Heading across to San Luis Mexico on a Friday afternoon, we have slow and go traffic.

The reason for the delay??? School is out and the children are lined up to cross over to Mexico.

They wear school uniforms and carry large backpack just like all kids in American schools. Wait, they are from the American schools crossing back to their homes in Mexico. They walk in small packs, and the teenage girls have the same haunting "get lost" stare that all girls that age have.

The walk from the schools crosses right in front of a modern United States Post Office. This American institution looks out of place. It is a huge modern building with a large parking lot. The area is surrounded with the old San Luis shopping district and boarded up offices.

The postal building is larger, cleaner and much more modern than the U.S.P.S. in Yuma. Very strange for such a small town, though it serves a much larger community coming across the border.

When we crossed over to San Luis, I snapped this shot of the shopping district in San Luis, Sonora. It reminds me of the old downtown shopping areas in America. They even have diagonal parking.

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