Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Rosarito Mexico Condo Rental | Video

Notes about our Rosarito Mexico Condo Rental:

Sometimes you just have to get away. The weather in our area is topping out at 118 degrees and we needed to find some cooler weather for a few days. Two trucks and 8 friends headed out for a new adventure and beach weather in Mexico.

Rosarito is a small community on the west coast about 30 minutes south of Tijuana, Mexico. The condominium rent in San Diego is getting prohibitive in cost and the crowds are mostly like Spring Break. We wanted see some new sights, eat great food and sleep listening to the crashing waves.

The condo rental we lucked in on is available at this website: Villa Pacifica

This 3 bedroom, 2 bath condo slept 8 with an air mattress (provided by the condo owner) on the living room floor. The kitchen is huge with plenty of cabinets for all our junk food. All towels and bedding is provided . We did bring our folding lawn chairs so we could all nap in the sunshine and breezy afternoons.

The condo is in a secure complex... and the guards are walking the compound 24 hours.

Gorgeous landscape is everywhere. You just wont find a prettier spot in this area.

The drives are a bit narrow for our full size truck. ... and as you can see the parking was a bit tight, but we squeezed in.

The garage is not really a garage. A small portion of it is storage for the condo owner and the rest of the space was turned into the 3rd bedroom. It is a neat use of space. Very cleaver.

We did have a bit of trouble following the directions for the lock box. I laughed until I had tears streaming down my face. It really wasn't that difficult, and 3 heads are always better than one.

This is sunset on the one night the marine layer didn't invade our space. As you can see the pelican air force was on site.

When you see the pelicans diving, you have to go to the fence and look down over the edge of the cliff. Dolphins are bound to be fishing in the area for supper and the pelicans are their to clean up the leftovers.

This video is not of our trip... it is a family that stayed in the same condo in 2006. Don't they look like they are having fun?

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