Sunday, July 15, 2007

Puerto Nuevo Baja Mexico - Lobster Dining 2

Restaurant Puerto Nuevo Two, Baja, Mexico.

Since this group was vacationing in a condo nearby we couldn't help ourselves. The call of Lobster was too loud.

Restaurant number one was closed on Sunday... so we went to their sister site next door. The food was equally as good as the other restaurant, but the atmosphere is not quite the same. It is very nice, but not as much fun as the original.

Hand written menu posted outside guarantees that the same menu is available, but the meal includes a soup or salad and a margarita. The price was a few dollars more... well worth the extra expense.

This may look like a margarita, but it's actually a michelada

The weather was warm, and a cold beer is always good with Mexican style food. A michelada added a different twist to a regular beer and so cold we all got a short headache.

The cool drink is made with beer and lemon and/or lime and salt. Some other ingredients are often added as well.

I think the waiters have too much time on their hands!

With the bill comes these cute little mice scooting across the table. Made with napkins, limes and antenna from lobsters.

You can see the little lime hiding under this little mouse.

A website has instructions to make something similar for your next party.

Marble Mouse

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