Friday, July 13, 2007

Puerto Nuevo Restaraunts - Lobster By The Pound

Lobster! Puerto Nuevo Baja Mexico Dining.

Dining in Puerto Nuevo means eating lobster by the pound. When you add the drawn butter dripping down your chin and arms... well these are not restaurants for the Weight Watcher crowd.

3 of these grilled lobster halves for each with beans, rice, tortillas and salsa is served family style. A true Mexico dining experience and the price was a steal! About $14 each.

Puerto Nuevo 1 is the original lobster restaraunt. If you go... plan on an hour wait, outside! Oh... but it is so worth it.

The original carving over the door. It appears to be 2 lobsters and 2 fish... of course this is what they serve.

Don't expect anything to be searved in this diner like atmosphere. Family style means searve yourself. The tortillias, salsa, rice, butter and beans are searved in bowls just like Mama would. Plain food that tastes great. What could be better?

Our table was located right next to the kitchen. The waiters, managers, clean up crew and cooks all performed with expert ease. Like a choreographed dance.

Puerto Nuevo is a clearly marked village on the Old Road, 10 minutes south of downtown Rosarito.

Take the Rosarito-Ensenada toll road to the Puerto Nuevo turnoff at kilometer 49.

Turn left onto the Old Road and continue south a short distance to the village, which will be on your right.

It is exactly 10 miles from Rosarito's southern toll gate.

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