Friday, March 14, 2008

Give Up Your Birth Certificate To Get A Passport

I've had a passport for so long... that I am often clueless when it comes to crossing the US Mexico boarder.
My in-laws have been in Yuma for 6 months and never crossed the border to Algadones. Last year they went for dental work and prescriptions.
Now... the whole passport issue has put a stop to the border crossing for them.
But... crossing the border isn't a luxury for me. I don't have health insurance... (thanks IBM) and so we rely on Mexico for dental, vision, and perscriptions.
Plus... it's so inexpensive for us to vacation in Mexico! We get about 8 to 10 mini vacations a year on the beach... plus we stay in a luxury condo for a week stay at least twice a year. Right on the Ocean! Can you say... bliss???
What could we afford if we had to stay in the states? I week in San Diego. And... I would have to cook all the food. Yuck.
So... what's the answer? Read on....
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The collective government combine of the Secretary of State and Homeland Security has finally meshed the gears and let the clutch out. Taking the RV to Mexico or Canada? Now you don't need to buy an expensive passport, you can spend less and get in with a Passport Card.
When we queried local authorities about this seeming problem, they suggested we forget about the passport card and simply 'go for the gold,' and get a passport. After all, the processing time for a passport is now said to be a lightning fast four weeks.

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