Monday, March 03, 2008

7 Money Saving Ideas Vacation Condos For Rent San Diego

According to "San Diego Convention & Visitors Bureau," more than 31.6 million tourists visited San Diego in 2007. Most of them visited during the months of May through October, which is considered the "peak" season. In other words, sleeping accommodations can cost considerably more.

Idea #1: One of the easiest ways to save money when renting a beach house in San Diego is to rent during the off-season. You can find off-season rates on condos between May and June. Although temperatures can dip under 70 degrees Fahrenheit during the spring and early summer months, the gentle ocean breezes and close proximity to the water make these cooler temps worth putting a sweater on.

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Idea #2:
Vacation with friends and share the expenses. Many San Diego beach house rentals accommodate up to 10 or more people. These larger homes oftentimes provide extra amenities such as swimming pools, Jacuzzis, spas, golf courses, and community clubhouses. While you might not be able to afford to rent a $10,000 beach house on your own, if nine more of your buddies join in, you could be living the lifestyle of a celebrity for only $1,000 a week. Rent during the off-season and you could save up to 50 percent.

Idea #3: Cook at home... It can become quite costly to dine out for every meal during your vacation. Most beach house rentals include kitchen appliances and cookware. Many include outdoor gas grills or patio kitchens. Fresh produce and fish can be purchased year round in San Diego. Visit local Farmer's and Fish Markets and indulge in a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, and seafood. By cooking just half of your meals in your beach house rental, you could potentially save up to $1,000 or more for a family of four.

Idea #4: Rent from a private individual. When you rent directly from the beach house owner, you have a better opportunity for negotiation than if you work with a property management organization. Property management organizations oftentimes are unfamiliar with the property and unable to answer questions about the property location or condition. You'll want to verify references, conduct research on the area of the rental home, and use additional precautions to insure you aren't being scammed.

Idea #5: Rent in small cities or towns. Some of the best beach house rental deals can be found in less populated areas. An added bonus is the beaches are less congested and you can have more peace and quiet. There are numerous small towns within 10 or 20 miles from San Diego... try Ocean Beach, Oceanside or even Mission Bay... instead of Mission Beach. Even with higher gas prices, the money you save by renting a beach house in a small city or town will more than compensate for the extra driving.

Idea #6: Invest in a vacation package. There are many travel services available via the Internet, or work with a travel agent to arrange a vacation package. Vacation packages can include airline, rental car, rental homes or hotel arrangements, cruises, sightseeing adventures and more. Oftentimes, you can save 50 percent or more by packaging your vacation needs.

Idea #7: Exchange your home for a beach house rental. Home Exchanges are quickly becoming a popular option for people who love to travel. How it works is you allow an individual or family to stay in your home while you stay in their home. There is no cost involved, making home exchange a win-win situation. There are many reputable home exchange companies available via the Internet. Make certain you thoroughly research the company and understand their policies before committing to using their service.

We are renting a large house this year with friends. We all will get a better deal in luxury accommodations.


Anne said...

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Lois said...

Hi Debra

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