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Best Travel Gadget Gift Review - Audio Interview

Packing light... isn't that what we always start out to do when packing for a trip? Who wants to lug one more ounce through airports, up an elevator or down escalators than is necessary?

Now... I know you all are aware that using travel items for double duty is an absolute must.  What if I told you I found the coolest new travel item I have ever used? Call me boastful, but really... this is very cool.

This little item is useful for men, women or children. Curious?  Let me give you a few instances this little item can be used for while traveling.  Make no mistake... this item can be used for a ton of other uses... some you may think of yourself, but I am strictly going to focus on travel. 

For Women: 

  1. Nice blanket for the airplane - an you know it is clean!
  2. If it's warm on the plan, use it to cover the seat. It will help you feel cooler.
  3. Use if for a pretty, soft and flowing shawl in the evenings. It comes in a large array of fashionable colors
  4. Use if for a beach towel... you can lay it on the sand and the sand doesn't stick
  5. Cover your legs when lounging on the deck of a cruise ship or beach front cabin... it has better sun blocking properties than most sunblocks and doesn't it doesn't sweat off.
  6. You can wash and dry it for years and the colors will not fade.
  7. Use at the gym... no more stinky, sweaty or mildewed towels for you! It contains X-Static Silver Fiber, which kills hundreds of odor causing bacteria and fungus, and unlike other antimicrobial treatments, it's permanent, and completely natural.
  8. This company also sells a sheet and pillowcase cover in the same material but with a very smooth hand. It keeps your skin dry when you sweat.... I paused for a few seconds when I read that the first time. Women of Boomer Age... It keeps your skin dry when you sweat. 
  • It really works! I have been using it for weeks. We are at 118 degrees and 75-80% humidity... plus I am a Baby Boomer.  I love this product!

This towel will make the best gift.... and they embroider beautifully.  What a wonderful, personalized gift for all your girl friends!  I can think of some very cute quotes to have embroidered on these for my 'pausal friends. 

For Men:

  1. The best and only golf towel you will ever need
  2. You will only need 1/3 of the space in your RV or boat for towel storage.
  3. Are you a jogger? See Womens reason #7... enough said.
  4. Throw this on your leather chair in the summer... no more greasy sweat stains on your expensive furniture.
  5. Need a towel and a sheet to carry in your backpack for camping... this little guy does double duty and you will hardly know it's in the pack.

For The Kids:

  1. Swim Towel - It comes in a variety of sizes
  2. Baby Bath Towel
  3. See Womens reason #7...think of the towels you find in backpacks. :(
  4. Baby beds, bassinets, swings and car seats... they use an all natural material to make them antimicrobial.
  5. Any child playing a sport... swimming, football, track, basketball... golf... tennis........track...... any sport!

Are you ready to learn what this miracle product is?  Here is the story:

Leslie Hanes contacted me several weeks ago and asked me to check out her website. She wanted me to let my readers know about these great new Wicking Sport and Travel Towels her company manufactures.  

I looked around the website - - and thought she had some very nice looking products. I was particularly interested in the - keeping dry when sweating - idea and particularly interested in the sheets and pillow case.

I called Leslie and we talked for quite a while, her story about this new material is very interesting. Then she offered to send me a sample to review for my travel website.  Well... when it came in the mail, I thought she had just sent a small towel or sample piece of fabric.  The box was very small and very, very lite. 

Imagine the surprised look on my face when the sample turned out to be a full size towel.  I mean... It's as big as a beach towel, and the color she sent is a deep, rich eggplant.  I have already used if for a shawl in the movie theater and for a light cover up when the air conditioning gets a bit drafty.  

I called her back and we had a nice talk about this product that I have recorded. We talk about every idea we could come with to use this towel for... and I even gave her a new use she hadn't thought of yet.  

Listen in by clicking here:  Interview with Leslie Hanes 

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