Thursday, February 08, 2007

HooHaa Monologue | Hoo Haa and HooHa Worms

The HooHaa Monolague Worms!

I wrote about these little green worms in a previous article. Click on Photo

Today's news showed a billboard in Atlantic Beach, FL. A driver complained about the title of a new play in the area - The Vagina Monologues. So the owner changed the title on the billboard to include the word Hoo Haa.

View Video at CNN

I have been using this word in place of other words less tasteful for many years.

These worms... sometimes found in the water in the Baja area of Mexico must have a name. I am a novice at oceanography and fishy things, so the name I use... HooHaa Worms.

My explanation??? Be carful to keep your pants on, so the worms didn't swim up your Hoo Ha. This are tiny worms and it could very well be a problem for gals.

I have only seen them once on the beach in El Gulfo, Mexico. All our other visits yeilded many other fishy type things, but alas.... No More HooHaa Monolologue Worms.

El Golfo Tour Guide

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